2001 Honda Accord LX #145 3 month rental/purchase
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2002 Honda Accord LX #145

$1050 for 3 mont rental



Automatic with A/C power windows


  •  Personal Insurance: Full Coverage

If customer(s) claim to have Full personal vehicle insurance coverage, customers policy deductibles and premiums apply to rental vehicle.

  • Personal Liability Insurance Coverage

Customers with Personal Liability insurance coverage are liable for a $1000 deductible, as well as an additional fee per day. $1000 deductible applies to all vehicles rented with Personal Liability Insurance Coverage. This means that in the event of an accident, the first $1000 of damages to rental vehicle or any other vehicle must be paid by rental customer. Damages in excess of this amount will be paid by Customers Personal Insurance Company.



*Note: Rental customer(s) will receive a rental car that is like or similar to vehicle selected if current rental car is not in-stock at time of pick up.*


*Please email or ask us about after hour pick up schedule*


*Note: Discounted prices are available if transaction is made at University Imports Automotive's physical address during business hours. Ask a company representative for further details*

  • Item #: 145

2001 Honda Accord LX #145 3 month rental/purchase

3 month rent / purchase : $1,050.00
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